Who is NOM?

If you haven’t read the first post about NOM (https://kathialf.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/introducing-nom/) or you just want to find out more about NOM because you think he looks soo cute, then I will tell you some more stuff about him here. Not everything of course, if you really want to get to know him you should read the posts. But I will tell you some facts about him.

This is NOM:

He’s furry and cuddly and has huge eyes. He experiences all sorts of adventures and gets into some difficult situations, that he will (hopefully) somehow solve or make better.

NOM lives in a cardboard box on a little hill that’s surrounded by flowers and grass. His favourite food, if you haven’t already guessed is…sesame seeds!

There will be a book about NOM’s adventures and it will come out next year.

Here is a picture of NOM so you know who I’m talking about:

I will add to this page soon and post some more stuff about NOM including pictures and other info. Because to be honest I don’t know everything about NOM yet… so keep checking this page for lots more info! And of course you can read all the posts about NOM (they are in the category NOM’s adventures) and then you will really know him.

from Kathi

…and NOM 🙂



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