Some things you should know about Olympian athletes!

The Olympic Games in London started just yesterday! Millions of people are watching the Games right now, either on their TV at home or in London at the stadiums and arenas. There are 26 different sports, 205 countries/nations from all over the world, 302 events and most importantly 10,960 athletes. For some of these athletes their dream of getting Olympic Gold has come or will come true and most of them are just happy to have made it to the Olympics to represent their country. But how do these athletes do that? How do they make it to the Olympics? How do they win Gold?

The answer is actually pretty simple. Every athlete who made it to the Olympics has something in common. And guess what that is? It’s their mindset! They all have a positive mindset and a determination that got them through to the biggest sporting event in the world.  Great athletes do different things that help them win their victory. They…

  • believe in themselves and their ability to win
  • love their sport and what they are doing
  • are enthusiastic about their sport
  • train hard and practise (mostly everyday)
  • have courage
  • focus (they always focus on their dream and goal)
  • have a routine and discipline they follow
  • concentrate on the process
  • visualise their victory

Not only Olympic athletes do these things. People like you can apply these techniques/qualities to their sport or passion. If you have enough determination then I can guarantee you that you will succeed in everything you do!

Have fun watching the rest of the Olympics and cheering for your country and favourite athletes as they win their medals and fulfill their dreams. Maybe one day you will be there too… 🙂


goal setting (part 5)- Never giving up on your goals!

Have you started setting your goal and making your plan? Are you already working towards achieving your goal?

Then I’m going to tell you in this part how to ‘follow through’ with your goals. Following through means that you keep going and never give up. That you follow your plan until the goal is reached. Most people struggle with that. They just give up with their goal and don’t try to finish it. It might be because they loose interest or they think it’s too hard too achieve. Sometimes I struggle to focus on my goals as well, becasue I get distracted or I’m too lazy. But there are some things you can do to keep you following through with your goal: 🙂

-There’s a quote that could help you: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

-Always remind yourself of the outcome. The outcome is the goal and the thing you want to achieve. If we take Bob’s example with the race (from Goal setting part 4), his outcome is to come first in the school race with a time of 11 minutes. If you always remind yourself of that, then it will be easier to keep going.

-Make a dream board or vision board and stick photos of your goal on it. Hang it on your wall and look at it everyday.

-Think of the things you will get once you’ve achieved your goal. All the positive things that make you want to reach the goal. Will you just be really happy and proud or will you get an actual price for achieving your goal? Whatever it is remind yourself of it everyday.

-Close your eyes and imagine you are already there, you’ve already achieved your goal. “How do you feel?” What are you doing in that moment? Are you laughing, cheering, smiling, jumping around, hugging your friends or family? Or are you doing all of those things? If you think of this every night, then you will become more determined to achieve that goal.

-Try anchoring. (It’s in one of my posts called “Anchoring”). Think of a time when you were really focused on your goal and really determined and you felt like you were moving towards your outcome really fast. Anchor that emotion and do it as often as possible.

If you even try one of these tips I just gave you, you could be achieving your goal in no time and the best thing will be: you’ll be having fun!

What do you think of these tips?  Would you use those methods or do you use other methods to keep you moving forward towards your goal?