Hi everyone! This is a very special post because today you are going to get to know someone new.

Someone who is going to join this blog and…well let’s just say…

….be a very special person/creature in it!

He’s going to go through life, encounter challenges and solve them. For you:) Through his adventures you will learn about life, happiness, goals and more!

This ‘ he’ has a very special name. And he looks quite cute.

So who is it?, you are probably wondering. “Who is going to be here and solve things and learn about life?’

I’ll show you. Here he is. A big drumroll please for….


This is NOM. 🙂

Yep this is NOM. A little furry creature with big eyes and a cute smile.

Now you are probably wondering… NOM? Why NOM? The answer to that is that NOM is just like you and me. He is still learning about life, he’s still on a journey trying to discover new things and learning them so he can use them in his life and in the future.

And how did you find NOM? Well… My friend and I were sitting in class one day, drawing in our books when NOM came along. He literally jumped out of the page! We helped him come to life a little bit more and made him look prettier so that he’s now ready for his big adventures. That’s how he became part of this blog.

So stay tuned because you are going to see a lot more about NOM and his adventures soon! His first story will be out shortly 🙂