Quotes and how they inspire you

NOM was excited. Today was reading day in town. This was one of the best days in the year for NOM (after Christmas and birthdays of course). Reading day was a day where authors and other inspiring people came to the town’s library to read out great stories or present their new books. The attendees sometimes got free books and other goodies which NOM thought was pretty cool. He loved reading and read every book he could lay his hands on.

After breakfast ( sweet sesame seed muesli of course) NOM got his book bag and headed to town. It was a short walk and he always enjoyed it. He arrived in town and started looking for the library. Finding the library in this town was hard as it changed spots every year. No one knew why, including NOM, but he didn’t mind.

Finally he found it. The library was hidden behind some trees next to the new supermarket “Aldi”. He made his way toward entrance and was soon swallowed by a crowd of people. Once inside NOM looked at the different stalls in which authors presented their books or talked about other cool things. NOM watched a presentation about a cooking book that even included some sesame seed recipes. He got a free sample of the book and an autograph from the author. Then he walked along the stalls looking for other interesting books and authors. There was one about poems, one about a new fiction book, some about fashion, and another one about quotes… quotes! NOM stepped closer to the stall and sat down to watch the author speak. He was tall and had a black moustache. His speech was really inspiring:

“Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to come here and learn about something quite interesting. Quotes! I’m sure you all know what quotes are and some of you might even have a favourite quote that really inspires you. For those who don’t know, a quote is a phrase or a sentence that is really inspiring and contains some sort of message. You see, quotes can be a great tool to get you motivated. There are many great quotes out there, some are informative, some are inspiring. What I encourage you to do is to find one quote that speaks to you. One that inspires you, motivates you or just makes you happy. Once you’ve found that quote; and by the way we have some great ones here for you to have a look at or you can buy our quote book if you don’t have a favourite one…anyways once you have that quote, I want you to stick it on your mirror or vision board (https://kathialf.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/noms-vision-board/ ) and read it everyday. And I don’t mean for you to read it in your head, I want you to read it out loud and really think about it. Let it sink in and feel how it makes you happy or motivates you. If you do this for a few weeks I guarantee that you will find more peace and happiness in your life.”

“I need to find one of those quotes.”, NOM thought and smiled. He looked around the tent and noticed that there were many post-it notes with quotes on them stuck to the walls.

“I hope you enjoyed my speech and I thank you for listening. If you want, you can now take a look around the tent and find your quote. Or I can add you to my e-mail list and you will receive one picture quote every week. Have a great  day and enjoy reading quotes. Let yourself be inspired!”

NOM and the audience clapped. Then NOM got up and made his way towards one of the tables. He put his name into the e-mail list. Now he would receive one new quote every week by mail!

“I just need to find my favourite quote now.”, NOM said. He looked at the walls and read through each post-it note. Every single quote was good but there were none that really spoke to him. He shrugged. “Well then I’m just going to have to wait for the first quote e-mail.” NOM was about to turn to go when he saw a post-it note stuck to the bottom corner of the wall. It was blue like all the others but looked a bit crinkled. The quote on it was perfect:

NOM was stunned. He immediately knew what it meant. “This is my quote!”, he said.

NOM went over to one of the assistants and asked him if he could have that quote. The assistant handed NOM the post-it note with a smile and said: “You picked a very good one! It’s special!” NOM thanked the assistant and felt proud.

He stayed until the very end of reading day, and enjoyed all the great talks while searching through books and poems. Tired but happy NOM finally made his way home. Back in his cardboard box he put the quote on his mirror.

Every morning and night when he walked past the mirror NOM would look at the quote and think about it. “I have to create my life. Which means that I will try to be a better or different person everyday and stretch my comfort zone. I will create myself the way I want to; perfectly awesome! And I won’t think that I can just someday find the perfect me. Life is  about growth. Yep that’s what the quote means.”  And NOM did all of that. This one quote changed his life.

Now find your own quote and do what NOM did. Or do you already have a favourite quote? What is it? Comment below!



Do you sometimes wish when you are experiencing something great that you could hold on to it? That you could feel the same all over again on any day? Well, there’s thistool that could help you do that. It’s called anchoring.

Once I went on a boat ride (well it was more like water rafting) and I just felt great. I had fun and I was happy and with my family. So I closed my fist around my thumb and then closed my eyes. By doing that I ‘anchored’ the emotion so I can always come back to it. So if I feel sad I just hold on to that finger, anchor the memory and feel happy.

The same happens with other things in life like Sport. I do taekwondo, so before competitions it’s good to anchor a fight in which I feel great and confident by just grabbing my earlap or make a fist (or what ever works in that moment) . Just before the competition I come back to that moment, reanchor it and get into the state of being confident and feeling great so I’m all ready for the fight. And it works! Do you have a hobby in which you can try anchoring?

You can do the same with other things in life like school, work, competitions or if you perform on stage and feel really nervous.

Anchoring also works with Sounds and Smells. Do you ever smell or hear something and it reminds you of a particular place or person or you just suddenly feel like home? That’s also anchoring. For example I went to my grandma’s house quite a lot when I was a kid and she had lots of lavender in her garden and I always smelled the scent of  it. So now whenever  I pass a lavender bush and smell it, it reminds me of my grandma or my grandma’s place.  She also has this perfume (i don’t know what it’s called) and we used to have this teacher at school who used the same perfume as my grandma and whenever the teacher walked past I thought it was my grandma… (that’s a weird example, but there are also other things that you can anchor, like songs). When you hear a special song, on let’s say your graduation and that song really touched you, then when you hear it again sometime it will remind you of your graduation and the feelings you had back then.

my grandma’s lavender 🙂

So anchoring is a really powerful tool and if you use it a lot it can really help you achieve great things like a good grade at school, a great birthday party, success in your favourite hobby. Or it can  just  make you happy 😀