Have you set your GOALS for 2013 yet?

NOM had been very unmotivated lately. Sure, he had lots of things to do, like taking care of his garden, cleaning the caravan, taking walks, painting pictures and doing grocery shopping. But he felt like none of the things he did were particularly productive. Everything he did seemed almost useless.

Then, when he was cleaning out his magazines that spilled the kitchen table a note caught his eye. Smart, his turtle friend had given it to him a couple of days ago for ‘motivation’, but NOM hadn’t bothered looking at it.

Have you set your GOALS for 2013 yet?

NOM, now curious flipped the note and read the back:

The reason why so many people are unsuccessful in life, is becasue they don’t set goals. Or if they do, they set the wrong goals. Do you want to be the same as those people? NO! So, I’m telling you, set some goals right now. What do you really want to have achieved by the end of the year? Write it down….

NOM stopped  reading and experienced one of those ‘light bulb’ moments, when everything suddenly made sense.

That was it! He had to set goals! Why hadn’t NOM realised this before? He quickly finished reading the note…

…(be sure to be specific) and then make a plan of exactly how you are going to achieve your goal! When you are done, you just need to follow your plan and do something everyday to make your dreams happen. I’m going to leave the rest to figure out for yourself. Go now and set your goals (3 or 4 are enough).

Goals and Passion!

Awesome! NOM was getting excited now. This was exactly what he needed to do.

And he started writing down his goals on a nice sheet of paper:

  • 1. Write a 150- page long book about my adventures (finished by 12th of December this year)
  • 2. Win the “Best Garden in Town” competition (it’s on the 23rd of November this year)
  • 3. Travel to 3 different countries this year (1 each in Asia, Europe and America)
  • 4. Make $500 a month through the internet, by the end of the year

NOM put his pen down and sat back. He was very happy with his goals. They were specific and 100% achievable. Now he needed to make a plan for each of his goals….

Write a 150-page long book about my adventures by 12th of December:

  • Have a finished draft by 3rd of August 2013.
  • To do that I have to write 30 pages a month
  • To write 30 pages a month I have to write 1 page a day!

NOM got out his diary and dedicated a time just for writing everyday. He also needed some time for his adventures (so he had something to write about) and planning time. He also included that. First goal was planned! Now he just needed to stick with it!

He did the same thing with all the other goals by:

  • first finding out what he had to do in order to achieve his goal
  • then setting exact deadlines for each of those “to-do’s”
  • after that he broke down his goals into small chunks (what he had to achieve every month, then every week and then every day)
  • and finally he wrote down everything in his diary

After all this was done, NOM stuck his goals on the wall above his bed. From now on he would look at them EVERY day!

NOM packed the note and some food in a bag and set off to find Smart to thank him for his wonderful note! Lucky he had found it now and not at the end of the year when it would have been waaaay to late to do anything!

How did you find this post? Have you set your goals for this year yet? If not, it’s not too late! Follow NOM’s steps and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals and dreams! Have fun 🙂 


I love the idea of this blog, it’s great! It gives you 5 things you can do everyday and lots of these things are also really good for stepping out of your comfort zone or just trying something new. You can even give your own suggestions for the blog!
These are some of mine. 🙂 Check out the blog for more ideas: http://5thingstodotoday.com/

I love the idea of this blog, it’s great! It gives you 5 things you can do everyday and lots of these things are also really good for stepping out of your comfort zone or just trying something new. You can even give your own suggestions for the blog! These are some of mine. 🙂 Check out […]

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Never take anything personally!

A few weeks ago when my Mum came home from a walk she told me this story: She was out for her daily walk and had been walking for a while when she came past this guy who was jogging in the opposite direction. Mum always greets people when they walk past her and sometimes they don’t reply or just say ‘hi’ in a grumpy tone; but she wasn’t prepared for this: when she walked past the jogger and said ‘hi’, he said “fu*** off” (you can imagine what i’m trying to say) and kept running. Mum was so surprised, she didn’t even realise what the guy had just said until after a couple of seconds when she turned around and thought: “Wait a second what did he just say?”

The jogger wasn’t being mean because mum had done something wrong, it wasn’t her fault. The guy had probably been in a bit of a funny mood and so you shouldn’t take something like that personally. And mum didn’t. In fact when she told us this story she laughed because no matter how nice you are sometimes to people, they can still act grumpy.

So if someone ever speaks rudely to you or of you, don’t take it personal! Just think to yourself: “They are probably in a bad mood or they are just jealous that I’m happy and in a good mood.” It’s not your fault they are like that.

What you shouldn’t do in a situation like that: freak out, cry and hide in a corner and never come out.

What you should do instead: Look at the person, shrug, smile and move on. (try that the next time someone is being mean to you) Because you know you are awesome, so why should anyone tell you otherwise?

The message: Never take anything personal and you’ll be happy 🙂

Has anyone ever said something insulting to you, but you didn’t care, you knew it wasn’t true? Comment below.

Expand your comfort zone

This is the first time I’ve reblogged something, and I’ve reblogged it because it is so true! We should always step out of our comfort zone in order to achieve big things! I will soon write my own post about stretching your comfort zone and its importance.

Motivatingdaily - Your source for daily motivation

We must travel in the direction of our fear.

John Berryman

This can’t be stressed enough, you always have to expand your comfort zone. Don’t think about it, just go for it. Embrace your fear and get to know it, there will be no bigger enemy in your life.


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How to change a bad mood into a really good mood

Have you ever been in a bad mood? You probably have because every person I know well has been in a bad mood at least once. Bad moods can be really annoying because you just don’t know what to do and everything just seems to be bad…

So I thought ‘why not create a list about all the things you should or can do when you are in a bad mood!’ Here it is:

  • Choose to be in a good mood! (yes it sounds weird, but the only person controlling your emotions is YOU! And if you decide to be in a really good mood then you will be in a good mood!!)
  • Listen to your favourite music and dance to it (this makes most people happy 😀 If you want you can leave the dancing part out, but if you dance you’ll be more happy)
  • Read (when I’m in a bad mood I like to read good books. Always makes me happy)
  • Smile! (either smile at someone you know or at no one in particular. It doesn’t matter, just as long as you smile! 🙂 Actually here’s a little task for you: Smile right now! You can smile at the computer screen or if someone’s with you, smile at them. It will make you happy)
  • Make a list of all the awesome things in life (It can be anything. Whatever you think is awesome in your life. You can also make a list of all the things you are grateful for)
  • Sing! (Sing in the shower or sing in your room; even if you are not a singer)
  • Give someone a hug (this is great because it doesn’t only make YOU happy, it makes the other person happy as well 😀 )
  • Go for a walk outside (it’s peaceful and you can think freely without anyone annoying you)
  • Exercise (always helps for me. Any kind of exercise can help)
  • Do what you love (Do you have a hobby that you love? A sport? Or do you love to go shopping? Just do what you love and your mood will change instantly 🙂 )

That’s all I’ve got for now. Of course there are so many other things you can do when you are in a bad mood, but the list would get way too long! If you have anything else to add to this list, feel free to comment 🙂

I hope this has helped you and your bad moods won’t last long in the future!

when you’re too lazy to do your homework…

Is there ever a time in your school life when you come home from school and you have tonnes of homework, but you really, really can’t be stuffed doing it? I think most people are like that, unless they are really nerdy and homework is their hobby…I do that a lot. I come home from school and I’ve eaten and then I know I should be doing something useful, but I really don’t want to. But I’ve got a little trick that will get you to do the work; and it is quite simple, but it might be a bit weird. So this is what I do on the days I’ve got heaps of homework:

I come home from school, sit down and eat something (I’m always starving after school) Then I go upstairs and sit at my desk and check my facebook and emails. Then I look at the pile of home work I have to do and I’m like “Omg…” So I go on my phone and play an app, a really pointless one like “Temple Run.” Because after a while this app really makes me feel like I should be doing something way more useful (like homework). And that’s how I eventually end up doing my homework!

one of those days when you’ve just got too much homework

This is a weird tip and it might not make sense to you, but if it does, there are also other ways you can get yourself to do your homework (but it should be something really pointless that makes you think that what you are doing is lazy) like playing a computer game or watching TV for a while. Try it out next time you have to do homework (or other work) and see if it works. 🙂

Remember before you forget!

Have you ever put something in a spot (like a phone) and you knew you needed it for later and thought ‘I’m not going to forget it’ and then you end up forgetting  it anyway? Because that happens to me a lot. Sometimes. Like once the battery of my laptop was running low and I needed it for school, so I’m like ‘Ok I’m gonna charge it until I have to go, I’ll remember it.’ Yeah well when I was at school you can probably guess what happened. I was looking everywhere for my laptop only to remember that I’d left it charging at home.

Yesterday my family  went Rockclimbing and dad put his jacket in the cupboard above all the rest of the stuff probably thinking that he’ll remeber it. But no, of course he didn’t. We were already more than half way home (35 mins drive from the place to home), when dad noticed he had forgotten his jacket. So we had to drive the way back to the place and home again.

This happens to so many people and it can happen with things like not locking the car because you think it’s going to be safe and no-one’s going to steal anything, or putting a glass of water (or worse softdrink) towards the ‘edge’ of the table thinking that you won’t spill it only to have it ending up on the carpet a few minutes later when you forgot about it.

Next time you think ‘This is not going to happen because I’ll remember it or it’s safe’, think again! Put that glass in a ‘safer’ spot, lock the car or just put the jacket somewhere, where you’ll remeber it. It definetly saves time and nerves!