About this blog

Hi readers! 😀

I started looking at Mentoring about a year ago when I went to a seminar (Scott Harris) with my family. It really inspired me, so I started reading some books about beliefs, goal setting, values, money and much more. Just all around how you can ‘create’ your life, achieve more and be happy and fulfilled.

So I decided to write a book for teens, that can help them with their daily life and how they can achieve awesome things if they set the right goals.

To help me with my book I’m writing this blog, so people can comment on my posts, give feedback or ideas and ask questions. This way I can improve on the topics I’m writing about in my book and so it will hopefully turn out to be an interesting, fun and helpful book! My blog posts contain NOM, a little furry creature that goes through life and all the challenges and doesn’t quite know how everything works until he figures it out! NOM makes this blog a lot funner and hopefully teens and younger people will want to read it too and learn from it! 🙂

Enjoy reading my blog and you are welcome to share your thoughts and comments in any of the posts! Or you can ask NOM:)

from Kathi


11 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi Kathi – Congratulations! I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! To accept you just need to read the post on my blog: LauraLamere.com and follow the instructions! Have a great day!

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