What I love about notebooks…

Notebooks. They are practical things and I love them.  I use them all the time. That’s why I thought I’d write a post about them 🙂

Many people use notebooks (even if it’s an app on their iphone that’ called ‘Notes’ or something). They might use them for writing down their ideas, thoughts, 100 list, quotes, recipes or small stories. Some people use them to draw or sketch in, stick photos into or to write down their friend’s phone number. With notebooks you can be creative. Some are also small and handy so you can take them with you anywhere you go.

I have heaps of them. Probably around 10 different notebooks for various purposes. One is for quotes I love and want to write down (or some I write myself), the other is for my 100 list, then there’s one I stick photos into. I also have some for my goals and another one just for notes or drawings.

I also love that you can get notebooks with cool covers, or plain notebooks that you can then decorate yourself.

Here’s some of my collection of notebooks:

  this one is for my 100 list

 and I use this one for my goals.

 a note from one of my notebooks 🙂

Do you have a notebook (or more)? What do you use it for?


8 thoughts on “What I love about notebooks…

  1. Hi Kathi,
    great idea to write about notebooks.
    I have heaps – for all kind of purposes too.
    Currently I am travelling and I have three in my bag to make notes about books I am reading or general ideas and thoughts.
    It’s a great way.

    Of course more and more paper notebooks are replaced by technology like “Evernote” but it’s still great especially when you are at places where you cannot use the iPad or computer.



    • thanks:) yes it is a very good way to record everything, it’s definetely better than the notepad on the iphone or ipad 🙂 i also take heaps when I’m travelling. One for each thing.

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