The 100 list!

The 1oo list is probably one of the most important lists you are ever going to make in your life! Because this is a list of the 100 things you want to have achieved in your life!

I think when you are older and you look back on all the things you’ve done in life, you should be proud. And this is where the 100 list comes in handy. Because when you are older you can look at your list and you know that you’ve done all of those things you’ve put on that list and more!

So what should the things on your 100 list do?

The 100 list should stretch your comfort zone because in doing the things you’ve never done before you’ll become more confident and your comfort zone will grow with every new thing you achieve.  So the things you write in your 100 list should be challenging but also fun to do. Some of those things can be bigger goals that recquire a plan and also time to complete (e.g. writing a book). Other things on the list will be smaller and they can be done in a couple of hours or minutes like going bungee jumping!

Once you’ve finished one of the things on your list you should put a tick next to it and celebrate you achievement! Maybe you could write a diary and record your expereinces so you will never forget them or you could tell your friends and family all about that achievement!

The things on your 100 list don’t have to be completed in 5 years, it can take you many many years to finish that list. Probably your whole life. And when you are a hundred years old and tired, you can look at your list and be proud of what you’ve achieved!

To give you more of an idea of how your 100 list could look like I’ve got an example (not a whole list of course!)

1. Travel to New York.

2. Climb to the top of a mountain that is more than 2000 metres high.

3. Learn how to speak French

4. Take swimming lessons.

5. Meet someone famous

6. Learn 10 songs off by heart on the piano.

7. Swim with dolphins

8. Invent something

9. Write a book

10. Get married

11. Buy a pink car.

12. Go sky diving

So these are some examples that could be on your 100 list. It can be anything that’s challenging in some way. Of course it shouldn’tbe something like writing an email or eating a piece of toast.

I hope this has helped you and  inspired you to create your own 100 list. Do it now, because if you do it in a couple of years then you’ve already ‘wasted’ valuable time in which you could have done many of the things on your list. And don’t stress if you can’t finish writing the whole list in one day. Write down ten things and leave it there, then when you have another idea a few days later, write that down and so on.

What would you put on your list?

Once that list is done you can put it all into action and start achieving many great things!


8 thoughts on “The 100 list!

    • That’s good! Sounds like a good 100 list 🙂 I want to write a book too, but first I’m going to blog a bit more.
      Glad you are already working on your 100 list! 🙂
      And thanks for the comment!

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