when you’re too lazy to do your homework…

Is there ever a time in your school life when you come home from school and you have tonnes of homework, but you really, really can’t be stuffed doing it? I think most people are like that, unless they are really nerdy and homework is their hobby…I do that a lot. I come home from school and I’ve eaten and then I know I should be doing something useful, but I really don’t want to. But I’ve got a little trick that will get you to do the work; and it is quite simple, but it might be a bit weird. So this is what I do on the days I’ve got heaps of homework:

I come home from school, sit down and eat something (I’m always starving after school) Then I go upstairs and sit at my desk and check my facebook and emails. Then I look at the pile of home work I have to do and I’m like “Omg…” So I go on my phone and play an app, a really pointless one like “Temple Run.” Because after a while this app really makes me feel like I should be doing something way more useful (like homework). And that’s how I eventually end up doing my homework!

one of those days when you’ve just got too much homework

This is a weird tip and it might not make sense to you, but if it does, there are also other ways you can get yourself to do your homework (but it should be something really pointless that makes you think that what you are doing is lazy) like playing a computer game or watching TV for a while. Try it out next time you have to do homework (or other work) and see if it works. 🙂


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