Remember before you forget!

Have you ever put something in a spot (like a phone) and you knew you needed it for later and thought ‘I’m not going to forget it’ and then you end up forgetting  it anyway? Because that happens to me a lot. Sometimes. Like once the battery of my laptop was running low and I needed it for school, so I’m like ‘Ok I’m gonna charge it until I have to go, I’ll remember it.’ Yeah well when I was at school you can probably guess what happened. I was looking everywhere for my laptop only to remember that I’d left it charging at home.

Yesterday my family  went Rockclimbing and dad put his jacket in the cupboard above all the rest of the stuff probably thinking that he’ll remeber it. But no, of course he didn’t. We were already more than half way home (35 mins drive from the place to home), when dad noticed he had forgotten his jacket. So we had to drive the way back to the place and home again.

This happens to so many people and it can happen with things like not locking the car because you think it’s going to be safe and no-one’s going to steal anything, or putting a glass of water (or worse softdrink) towards the ‘edge’ of the table thinking that you won’t spill it only to have it ending up on the carpet a few minutes later when you forgot about it.

Next time you think ‘This is not going to happen because I’ll remember it or it’s safe’, think again! Put that glass in a ‘safer’ spot, lock the car or just put the jacket somewhere, where you’ll remeber it. It definetly saves time and nerves!


One thought on “Remember before you forget!

  1. yes, that happens to me all the time. If you think something could happen, it is always better to think again and do it in a “safe” way. Thanks Kathi!

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