Do you sometimes wish when you are experiencing something great that you could hold on to it? That you could feel the same all over again on any day? Well, there’s thistool that could help you do that. It’s called anchoring.

Once I went on a boat ride (well it was more like water rafting) and I just felt great. I had fun and I was happy and with my family. So I closed my fist around my thumb and then closed my eyes. By doing that I ‘anchored’ the emotion so I can always come back to it. So if I feel sad I just hold on to that finger, anchor the memory and feel happy.

The same happens with other things in life like Sport. I do taekwondo, so before competitions it’s good to anchor a fight in which I feel great and confident by just grabbing my earlap or make a fist (or what ever works in that moment) . Just before the competition I come back to that moment, reanchor it and get into the state of being confident and feeling great so I’m all ready for the fight. And it works! Do you have a hobby in which you can try anchoring?

You can do the same with other things in life like school, work, competitions or if you perform on stage and feel really nervous.

Anchoring also works with Sounds and Smells. Do you ever smell or hear something and it reminds you of a particular place or person or you just suddenly feel like home? That’s also anchoring. For example I went to my grandma’s house quite a lot when I was a kid and she had lots of lavender in her garden and I always smelled the scent of  it. So now whenever  I pass a lavender bush and smell it, it reminds me of my grandma or my grandma’s place.  She also has this perfume (i don’t know what it’s called) and we used to have this teacher at school who used the same perfume as my grandma and whenever the teacher walked past I thought it was my grandma… (that’s a weird example, but there are also other things that you can anchor, like songs). When you hear a special song, on let’s say your graduation and that song really touched you, then when you hear it again sometime it will remind you of your graduation and the feelings you had back then.

my grandma’s lavender 🙂

So anchoring is a really powerful tool and if you use it a lot it can really help you achieve great things like a good grade at school, a great birthday party, success in your favourite hobby. Or it can  just  make you happy 😀