making good decisions

Decision making is always hard especially if the decisions you have to make are important. Everyone makes decisions everyday. Without decisions we wouldn’t even exist. We make small decisions like if we should go to that party on Saturday night , go for a run at the beach, if we should listen to music or do homework (or both). We also decide if we should hang out with the family or catch up with friends, if we should take the bus to school and if we should stay up another hour to finish a project or go to sleep straight away. These decisions are mostly pretty easy and we sometimes make them unconsciously. But a lot of times we face the most difficult situations. Things that we can’t decide on no matter how much we think about it. For example, we have to decide our career (like what job we are going to do later), we have to decide about which high school we are going go to, we decide if we should rather go on a trip to Paris or stay at school and be part of a play. These are all just examples but there can also be so many other situations in which you have to make big and important decisions.

So in order to make those decisions, you firstly have to know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. That’s your outcome. So here’s an example: you are really into music and you love your friends and you have a choice between going to a high school all your friends are going to, or a school that specialises in music, then you are obviously going to have to decide between the two (or you could just forget about it and let your parents decide…which you probably don’t want). So if your goal now is to become a musician and you are really passionate about playing instruments and singing, then the school that specialises on music would be a good choice for you. On the other hand, you also love your friends and you know that it’ll be easier to fit into the new school if you already have friends there. The problem is that it will probably be hard for you to do a lot of music there and  so later it will be harder to become a musician. So think about it; it’s pretty certain that you are going to make new friends at the new school and you’ll still be able to spend time with your old friends outside of school.  So the music school sounds like the best choice doesn’t it?

It all sounds a bit complicated but if you know your outcome, which is the thing you really want to achieve, then you just need to look at all the options, list all the negatives and positives and finally decide what you are going to do!

One more thing: Don’t concentrate on what others are telling you. Do what you want!

So I hope this has helped you with making some good decisions. And if you do make a bad decision, just make the best out of it! You  definately learnt from it.