An awesome tip to make your day happier and better :D

Today I’ll write about a really good tip to make your day better and to make you feel happier when you meet someone!

There’s a question that you’ll  probably get asked a lot everyday. A really simple question, that’s actually not that simple for a lot of people.

It’s this question: “How are you?”

Most people don’t bother thinking about it and their standard answer is :” Good” or “fine” And they say it with this big sad face. And you probably answer that question the same way too. I do. Until I think and say: “Oh wait, actually I don’t feel just ‘fine’, I feel AWESOME! And then I realise that I actually do feel awesome.

So why do so many people say “I’m good” or “I’m fine” even though they actually feel much better than that? (or worse, they might even feel bad)

They do it because they’re lazy and they don’t want to think about the thought of actually being able to feel awesome. And that’s sad. Because everyone could be so much happier if they just answered with the right words and enthusiasm.

So next time you meet someone and they go: “So how are you?”, you say: “I’m Awesome!” or “I’m fantastic!” Even if you might not always feel awesome, but when you say it, then it becomes true. You really will feel better and happier and the person you are answering to will probably be surprised and be like: “Wow, if you are feeling awesome, I’m gonna feel awesome too!!” So it not only helps you, it helps other people too!

It’s hard when you first start saying it, but eventually it becomes a habit and then you’ll always feel happier 🙂

And it’s always good if you add a big smile to it, because then it really becomes true. When you felt down the first second, you’ll feel fantastic the next!

I’m starting to use this as well and when I forget saying “awesome” and say “good” instead because it’s just so much of a habit, then I say to myself in my head :”I’m awesome!” and remember this for the next person who comes along and goes:”How are you today?”

So now this annoying question of “How are you?” just becomes fun, because it makes you feel awesome and happy when you answer it with the right awesome word!!

So I know there were a lot of “Awesomes” in this text, but the more you use that word, the better, right?


One thought on “An awesome tip to make your day happier and better :D

  1. Hi kathi, wow i think that, that was amazing!!!
    I got very convinced and now i know to always say:” i am awesome.” when someone asks me how are you!! Thank you kathi and I think a lot of other people will get convinced as well!!! 🙂

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