3 quick ways to change how you feel

Have you ever been in this really bad mood, when you just feel down and unhappy and everything is going wrong? You probably have.

And then, to make it even worse, you might say “I’m in a really bad mood today, everything’s just all bad” And your shoulders might be slumped and your head is down.

But of course there are three easy things you can do to change how you feel instantly: You just have to change your Physiology, Language and Focus.

I’ll start with the Physiology:

The Physiology is the way of how you use your body and it has a huge imapact on your Emotions. When you are feeling down, you usually slump your shoulders, have your head down and just look really sad. It’s really hard to feel happy when you’re in this position. When someone’s unhappy you can usually tell just by their physiology. For example when you’re in the bus and this person next to you is facing the floor and not moving from the spot they would most likely be unhappy. But if a person has their had up, shoulders back and a smile on their face they are happy and energetic.

So if you want to change your physiology and the way you feel then you should have your head up, your shoulders back and a smile on your face. If you do that you’ll quickly notice that you feel happier, because it’s kind of hard to feel sad when your head is up and you’re smiling 😀

The next step is to change your Language:

Another thing that really impacts your emotions is your language. This can be the language in your brain (what you’re thinking) and the conversations you have with other people.

Some people are always really negative about any situation. When they  go to school they might say: “Ewww today I’ve got school again. I hate school, it’s so boring!!” But the people who are positive might say: “Awesome I’ve got school today, I get to catch up with friends and have fun!” If you start to say something positive like that you’ll quickly start to feel more positive about any situation.

Something that also happens to me and other people a lot is when a friend says something really negative like “I hate Science” they automatically go “Yeah me too” and come up with all these reasons of why they hate Science.By the time they have another Science lesson, they are so negative about it, they don’t even bother listening and trying to make it fun. So when that happens to you, don’t agree with the other person and say “Me too!”Say something more positive like “Science is fun because we get to learn about animals” (or whatever you want to say). The next Science lesson will be so much more fun, because you are only thinking about the positive things.

So language is really important in controlling emotions. If you talk positive you will feel positive (and happy)

(you can also refer to the post “an awesome tip to make your day happier and better” which talks about language and the question “how are you” and the best way to reply to it)

The last step is to change your Focus:

If you want to change from being sad and discouraged to being happy and full of determination you need to change your focus. There is this quote that I love: “What we focus on determines how we feel.” So instead of focusing on all the bad things in a situation, we should focus on the good things!

If you go for a run and say: “I’m so puffed and unfit” then that’s not going to help you get anywhere. But if you focus on all the good things in running like “Going for a run will help improve my fitness and won’t make me feel guilty about eating that little chocolate bar that’s still  left in the cupboard.” And you also get fresh air and have nice views (especially if you’re running along the beach 🙂 ) Then you are going to have much more fun on your run and also improve faster.

There’s another good quote that really helps me when I do Taekwondo or go for a run and I feel puffed:

“When you are in the spin, focus on where you want to go, rather than how you feel!”  So don’t focus on how you feel at that moment, focus on what you want to achieve!

So these are all the 3 steps that will help you  change how you feel instantly. If you feel down just change your Physiology, Language and Focus and you’ll feel great 😀 Have fun trying everything out now 🙂


An awesome tip to make your day happier and better :D

Today I’ll write about a really good tip to make your day better and to make you feel happier when you meet someone!

There’s a question that you’ll  probably get asked a lot everyday. A really simple question, that’s actually not that simple for a lot of people.

It’s this question: “How are you?”

Most people don’t bother thinking about it and their standard answer is :” Good” or “fine” And they say it with this big sad face. And you probably answer that question the same way too. I do. Until I think and say: “Oh wait, actually I don’t feel just ‘fine’, I feel AWESOME! And then I realise that I actually do feel awesome.

So why do so many people say “I’m good” or “I’m fine” even though they actually feel much better than that? (or worse, they might even feel bad)

They do it because they’re lazy and they don’t want to think about the thought of actually being able to feel awesome. And that’s sad. Because everyone could be so much happier if they just answered with the right words and enthusiasm.

So next time you meet someone and they go: “So how are you?”, you say: “I’m Awesome!” or “I’m fantastic!” Even if you might not always feel awesome, but when you say it, then it becomes true. You really will feel better and happier and the person you are answering to will probably be surprised and be like: “Wow, if you are feeling awesome, I’m gonna feel awesome too!!” So it not only helps you, it helps other people too!

It’s hard when you first start saying it, but eventually it becomes a habit and then you’ll always feel happier 🙂

And it’s always good if you add a big smile to it, because then it really becomes true. When you felt down the first second, you’ll feel fantastic the next!

I’m starting to use this as well and when I forget saying “awesome” and say “good” instead because it’s just so much of a habit, then I say to myself in my head :”I’m awesome!” and remember this for the next person who comes along and goes:”How are you today?”

So now this annoying question of “How are you?” just becomes fun, because it makes you feel awesome and happy when you answer it with the right awesome word!!

So I know there were a lot of “Awesomes” in this text, but the more you use that word, the better, right?